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Key Business Capabilities

Successful companies integrate appropriate leading IT knowledge with the strategic direction of the business. Focusing only on technology or strategic direction can create issues within the organization. For example:

- A focus on "latest technology" may lead to an environment where the technology does not meet the needs of the organization or its markets, leading to poor financial management and constraints on business development.
- A focus on strategy without reference to the current and potential IT technology infrastructure may lead to performance and reliability issues, and an inability to meet strategic goals.

We have identified the following key business capabilities that influence IT business success:

No.1 Link the strategic perspective with management control capabilities to develop a competitive IT services plan that meets customer needs in a continuous and timely manner.
No.2 Develop informed and motivated IT management that exercises good judgment to fully utilize IT technology, while incorporating IT users and skilled IT engineers to understand the technology traps and limitations within the IT delivery environment.

Thus, it is indispensable to balance the organization's strategic/management control capabilities and technology capabilities to achieve the strategic objectives of the business.
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