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Business & IT Skills
The integration of management and IT skills is becoming more critical to achieving substantial IT business success.

  Synergetic's professional consultants, both strategy and IT, have achieved significant results by sharing core values, understanding each person's service capabilities and the synergy of merged skill sets.

This synergy cannot be realized by just combining two different skill sets. Our professionals, who each own their established skills, can work in an effective team because we understand one another's skills and we share our different thinking patterns. We believe that when different types of knowledge and thinking patterns are integrated and these produce comprehensive insight, a strategic and achievable IT business plan can be developed.

  Our IT professionals, who have strong IT skills, intentionally develop strategy knowledge, while professionals with a strategy background develop an IT perspective and knowledge. This can be achieved by in-house training and planned on-the-job-training, in an environment of mutual respect.
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