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IT Business Planning and Implementation
Developed a business plan by assessing market, competition and client capabilities, focussing on the integration of IT and business. Provided a full range of support, from business opportunity identification to plan implementation, utilizing Synergetic's strategy and IT skills.

Change Management from Cost Center to Profit Center
Developed a change management program to transfer from a "cost center" business (i.e., an internal IT department) to a profit center business delivering to an external market. A joint venture approach was chosen, creating an independent enterprise and changing the business culture to introduce profit management.

IT Project Planning and Project Management Support
Supported project planning and project management of a project which required a significant change in both business and IT perspectives. CRM and supply chain project plans were developed, inclusive of business impact, business and system architecture, project organization including user roles, and acquired IT skills. Project management support was provided to assure expected results were obtained.

IT Cost Reduction and Revival Scenario Planning
Developed a cost reduction program for an IT operation of a large enterprise. IT functions, organization and business processes were restructured. A new business development plan was implemented to revive the business.

IT Business Assessment in M&A
Provided multi-dimensional analysis of a target M&A organization and assessed the company values. As post-M&A support, provided business strategy to accelerate their growth rate by developing a business model to best utilize actual and potential knowledge and abilities. The participation of people who were expected to lead the new operation, facilitated a smooth transition to the new organization.

Marketing Strategy for Software Products
Developed a practical marketing strategy, inclusive of detail action plans based on an accurate understanding of target software product features and an objective analysis of the business environment. Both short-term "quick wins" and mid to long-term plans were developed to enable continuous generation of business. Specific business systems improvement and organization development was conducted to implement the plan. An initial pilot project based on the plan was supported by Synergetic as it was beneficial for the client to gain experience in the new project and manage the risks.

IT Outsourcing Management
Supported full IT outsourcing management processes, ranging from fee appropriateness analysis, risk management and internal team development, to policy definitions to be included in the contract. A monitoring system was devised to assess the performance of outsourced services. We supported outsourcing revisions and associated contract updates based on a failure to meet outsourcing objectives, as revealed by the monitoring system.

IT Human Resource Management
We developed an organization's human resource vision, including resource skills and behavior patterns, based on an assessment of current personnel, organizational issues and our understanding of future IT business requirements. To implement the vision, career paths, compensation plans and performance evaluation systems were designed to assist transforming individual and organizational behavior. We also supported a transition plan for a new human resource management approach.
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