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Our Mission

Synergetic Consulting provides strategic planning services that integrate corporate vision and technology. We then support our clients through to implementation.

Our 20 plus years of experience in consulting services and R&D in the IT industry has revealed two fundamental issues involved in business consulting that require insights into IT:

No.1 How can we develop a truly strategic IT business plan?
This may require transformation of the existing business framework to achieve performance improvement derived from new technology introduction and to avoid limiting the resulting benefits.
No.2 How can we implement a winning IT business plan to obtain visible results, rather than defining a theoretical, unrealistic goal?

We have seen numerous cases where strategy consultants developed drastic but unrealistic IT business plans, due to insufficient understanding of the implications of information technology and the nature of IT organizations.

Alternately, IT consultants have confined themselves to optimizing information systems within a restricted scope, without stepping into business transformation to create added value.

Synergetic Consulting has emerged to address these fundamental issues by assembling a team of professionals to generate value-added IT business plans. Synergetic Consulting has emerged to address this challenge.

Synergetic Consulting focuses on integrating our multi-disciplinary skills of strategy, management control and IT. We are a result-based professional advisory service firm. Our services include strategic IT business planning, management process design and system implementation management.

We have created long term relationships with our clients, as clients appreciate our continuous "value creation" approach and have developed an understanding of our service philosophy.

Our multi-disciplinary approach is implemented through the effective teamwork of our multi-disciplinary, quality staff. The team resolves IT issues, focussing on our client's ultimate success, while developing and implementing strategic, yet realistic, IT business solutions.

Synergetic Consulting encourages clients to abolish "fossilized" business models in their IT companies, IT businesses and IT projects, to create new value-added models. We support "new start" and "regeneration" of our clients' businesses. With entrepreneurial mindsets, we seek continuous value creation to generate results for IT resource investments.
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