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Firm's Foundations

In 1995, AT&T (U.S.) made a large-scale investment to establish a leading, worldwide professional service operation, consisting of business consulting, systems integration and outsourcing, with an overall focus on "network-centric" IT businesses. Selected consulting professionals in Japan, Europe and Asia-Pacific were able to open a new field in IT business consulting.

When AT&T dynamically changed it's strategy to concentrate on the U.S. outsourcing market and withdraw from international markets, they left a niche for a new style of Japanese IT consulting. The strategic refocus by AT&T enabled their IT business consulting professionals in Japan to form the core team in Synergetic Consulting.

Synergetic Consulting was founded in 1998, developing and linking concepts of "strategy and information technology" in combination with IT business consulting. This area has not yet been established in the Japanese market.

image Synergetic Consulting has successfully developed global working relationships to partner in delivering high-quality, world-wide solutions for our clients. We focus on providing IT business consulting services in response to market demand.
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