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IT Industry

There are two primary "IT Industry" markets:
- IT Service/Product Providers - where IT services/products are provided to organizations outside the provider.
- Internal Services - where IT services are provided within the organization. These may be supported by external providers.

Typical IT service providers include:
- Computer-related product manufacturers IT BUSINESS
- Software vendors
- IT outsourcing companies
- Internet business companies
- Information services vendors

Synergetic Consulting provides consulting services to both "IT Service/Product Providers" and "Internal Services" organizations. We also provide services where IT is used innovatively to provide new business models. We assist clients to design IT solutions that create value to their organization and their markets.

There are a number of "good" IT technology consulting companies and business strategy consulting firms. However, very few consultants have a detail understanding of both IT technology and business concepts. This is unfortunate, as it is by integrating both business and IT that practical solutions are developed.
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